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    Attacks on Kurdish art

    Talking about the ongoing pressures on Kurdish cultural and artistic works, Talat Yeşil, one of the MKM artists, said: “A society exists, moves forward and develops with art. Even if we enter the dungeon, this struggle will continue."

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    Birca Belek Association Co-Chair: We should not allow assimilation

    While historical buildings are introduced in Turkish and English in Cizîr, Kurdish is not included. Birca Belek Language and Culture Association Co-Chair Fatma Gizçiler drew attention to the multi-faceted assimilation policies in the city and said: "We should not allow assimilation."

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    Police attacks shopkeepers in Bitlis: At least 70 detained

    At least 70 people, including the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Davut Tezcan, were detained in the police attack on the shopkeepers who wanted to be displaced on the grounds of the Presidency's "risky area" decision in Bitlis.