No news from the woman who reported 'My husband will kill me'

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  • 17:15 20 February 2024
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SAKARYA - There is no news from Leyla Demir, who called the Emergency Call Center and reported that "my husband will kill me". Demir's husband, S.D., who was detained as a suspect, was released after his statement.
Leyla Demir, who lives in Doğancılar District of Sakarya's Adapazarı district, called the 112 Emergency Call Center on February 13 and reported that her husband S.D. was using violence against her and was going to kill her. The gendarmerie teams that went to the address could not find Leyla Demir. Her husband S.D., who was detained on suspicion, was released after his interrogation at the gendarmerie.
A search operation was launched on the evening of February 13 to find Leyla Demir. On the first day of the searches, Demir's headscarf and mobile phone were found by the Sakarya River near her home. The teams' work in the area continues.