Ill prisoner Muhlise Karagüzel had open-heart surgery

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  • 15:09 16 February 2024
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IZMIR - Seriously ill prisoner Muhlise Karagüzel had open heart surgery. Mothers for Peace, who visited Karagüzel in the hospital, called for "release of Muhlise Karagüzel".
Muhlise Karagüzel (60), who is held in Menemen Type R Prison, was taken to Izmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital after her condition worsened on January 26. Seriously ill prisoner Karagüzel, who suffers from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, lumbar and cervical disc herniation, had open heart surgery today.
Mothers for Peace Assembly and Free Women's Movement (TJA) visited the ill prisoner Karagüzel in the hospital.
Making a short statement after visiting Karagüzel, Mother for Peace Medine Kaymaz said: “We do not accept that an ill mother who only wants peace remains in prison. We want all ill prisoners in prison to be treated outside and released. Many of our ill prisoner friends continue to be held in prison for arbitrary reasons even though their sentences have ended. This is oppression, stop the oppression. We want the immediate release of mothers in prison, especially ill prisoners.”