The cover of 'authorized intervention' in police violence

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  • 10:03 26 January 2024
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ŞIRNEX - A lawsuit was filed against our reporter Zeynep Durgut and 17 women who were subjected to police violence on the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It was claimed that police violence was "measured and within the scope of authority".

In Şirnex, women gathered in Ömer Kabak Square on the occasion of November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and wanted to march. However, the police attacked the women, citing the governor's "prohibition of action" decision. 21 people, including Mezopotamya Agency (MA) reporters Zeynep Durgut and Ömer Akın and JINNEWS reporter Rozerin Gültekin, whose cameras and tripods were broken in the attack, were beaten and detained.
Şırnak Chief Public Prosecutor's Office completed the investigation it initiated against those who were released after their statements were taken and prepared an indictment. Our reporter Zeynep Durgut and Asiye Akın, Asuman Külter, Ayşe Külter, Ayşete Atabey, Bedriye Katar, Elfesya Nas, Emine Özek, Evin Erden, Güler Yerbasan Tunç, Hatice Durmuş, Hatice Uyar, Kadriye Katar, Kıymet Acar, Meryem Eşkara, Songül Erden , The indictment prepared against Songül Küçük and Zilan Yaman with the allegation of "Attending Unlawful Meetings and Marches Without Arms and Failure to Disperse Spontaneously Despite the Warning" was submitted to the Şırnak Criminal Court of First Instance. The court accepted the indictment and set March 22 for the first hearing of the case.
In the indictment, it was claimed that those who did not comply with the information and wanted to march to Ömer Kabak Square and make a press statement were warned to disperse three times, and when the group did not disperse, the law enforcement unit intervened.
In the indictment, while it was found "lawful" for the police officers to beat and detain women during the protest, TJA activist Güler Tunç, who was beaten as a result of the police attack during the protest, was accused of hitting the police shields.
The following allegations were made in the continuation of the indictment: "It was determined that Güler Yerbasan Tunç hit the shield in the hand of the law enforcement unit that intervened in the incident, and that the simple injuries that occurred to some suspects were determined that the law enforcement unit, which carried out judicial activities under the order of the Public Prosecutor, used limited and measured force. It is considered to have occurred within the scope of the exercise of the authority to use..."
Journalist Zeynep Durgut stated that they were there to follow the women's protest on November 25 and that the police saw it clearly and said: "However, we were beaten and detained before the women were taken there. In fact, journalists were targeted to prevent the violence from being recorded. They broke our cameras and tripods. But tragicomicly, a lawsuit was filed not against those who committed violence, but against those who were subjected to violence. We are not surprised. They will not be able to cover up the truth with these investigations. Despite all the pressures, we will continue to be the voice of women, youth, children and the public. Those who calculate that they can silence us with investigations and lawsuits are mistaken."
A decision of non-prosecution was given for journalists Ömer Akın and Rozerin Gültekin, who were detained during the women's protest.