Bakırhan's call to the 'sensible mind' of the state: Talk to Abdullah Öcalan

ANKARA - DEM Party Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan, who called on the "sensible mind" of the state, stated that PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who insists on a solution, must be listened to and sat down and talked.
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan evaluated the developments on the agenda at his party's Parliamentary group meeting. Bakırhan, who started his speech by stating that he would make important calls to both the government, the opposition and the people of Turkey, said: "I hope everyone will put aside their red lines and prejudices against us and spare 30 minutes for this group speech we will make today."
Expressing that they are different from the government and that the earth belongs to all people, Bakırhan said: “We always state that we are in favor of a common life based on people, not the artificial divisions that the government has fostered. This nationalist and racist mind is gradually dragging the world, the Middle East and Turkey into an abyss. Racists and nationalists who want to get behind this wave in the world and in Turkey are sowing the seeds of nationalism, racism and hostility in the country every day."
Stating that the Republic has entered its second century and racist circles still want to silence different identities and beliefs, Bakırhan said: “For this purpose, they are trying to attack those who are different, as if they have cooperated and united. We say to them; First of all, we, as Kurds, will not surrender to this understanding that ignores us for another century. Let's be frank, we are not Turks, but we do not have any problems with the Turkish people, the people of Turkey. As Kurds, we want to have equal rights with Persians, Arabs and Turks in this region, and we are fighting for this. We do not ignore any people or their rights. We were born in these lands for thousands of years. The graves of our ancestors are in these lands. Kurds living in Turkey, we want to live as Kurds. We want to remain Kurdish. We would like to state that we are against monism, the forced imposition of another identity. This has been the case for centuries. From now it is happening like this. I would like to state once again that we will never surrender to these racist, nationalist cries, this racist, nationalist wave."
Pointing to AKP Chair and President Tayyip Erdoğan's words that "the greatest weapon against assimilation is to teach our children in their native language", Bakırhan continued his speech as follows: "He then adds, 'Except for the Kurds.' He wants us to remain silent about this. We say; Will Erdoğan, who sees this native language as a right for Turks, repeat these words for Kurds as well? Is it possible to repeat? Native language is also the right of Kurds, and ignoring the rights of Kurds would invalidate these discourses.
Look, we will show the ranking of the provinces in the socio-economic development index prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in a moment. On this map, poverty and hunger fall to the Kurds' share. Again, unemployment is falling. I would like to personally show this picture to those who say that we are fellows and we treat the Kurds equally. These are the Kurdish provinces, the Kurdish geography where Kurds live densely. When I look at this painting, it is the best photograph of what we have been experiencing for a century. Not only is there hostility towards their language, culture, life and freedom, they are trying to starve and impoverish them economically. Our objection is to this table, especially the colors of the regions where the Kurdish provinces are located are the same as the other regions of Turkey. We have no other problem. Now these nationalists and racists are saying, don't just stay silent, stay hungry. We reject this, we object to this. I am sure that no honorable Kurds or other people of our nationality will accept this situation, nor must they. 
Dear friends, we would like to make two important calls. The first is for the people of Turkey. Only our common values of peace and democracy can hold us together and strengthen us against the rising nationalist and racist wave. For this reason, we invite everyone to contribute to the reconciliation of a strong country. If we can strengthen social consensus, we can stop this nationalist racist wave. Again, our second call is to the state, if there is even an iota of state intelligence left; You are also watching closely, a serious state of conflict, tension, war and chaos prevails in our region and neighboring countries. The best way out of this is to ensure social peace in Turkey. The people of Turkey must see that the real security threat is not the Kurds who seek and demand their rights, but the real security threat comes from these racist and nationalist groups. It is our duty to future generations to take steps towards a democratic solution and peace.
Every time the doors of İmralı were opened, the hope for a democratic solution grew and the country found peace. The country's economy is on an upward trend. Mr. Öcalan, who has insisted on a solution in Turkey for years, must be listened to and talked about. Will we prefer Mr. Öcalan, who wants to ferment peace in our country, or the mentality of these racist nationalists who try to stamp on our bleeding wounds and pour salt? I have already mentioned which is our option between these two options.
The government not only did these, they deceived Turkey for years by saying that they were entering the EU, but at the end of the day, Turkey did not enter the EU, but turned into the garbage dump of the EU. Look, the total amount of garbage exported by European countries to the whole world is around 32 million tons. It sent 12.5 million tons of garbage to Turkey. In other words, almost half of the garbage they send to the whole world is sent to Turkey. I say we must increase universal law, democracy, freedoms, human rights and democratic values in the EU, but unfortunately the government continues to increase garbage for 3-5 cents instead. This is not the way out, that the best life is a life in accordance with ecological values, and that this country will find peace. The country that the nationalist and racist wave has imposed on us is a country where workers are hungry, children are losing their lives in factories, parents are not happy on report card day, the country has become a garbage center and even breathing has become difficult.
Dear friends, the key to victory on March 31 is urban reconciliation. We are struggling to achieve local democracy, urban reconciliation and Turkish reconciliation. Our problem is not about who will get which municipality, but whoever wants to act with us must be ready for the Turkish compromise, which is the password of a democratic, fair Turkey. We will crown a strong democratic alliance, a strong urban consensus, with the Turkey consensus. This is the only solution. We are entering the elections with a founding claim. The city consensus and Turkey consensus are a democratic model. It is the way to reach democracy from the local, from urban consensus to Turkish consensus. Once again, we warn you, our valued representatives and our people. Our voters living outside the city, who have not been able to come to the polls for various reasons until now, must come to the polls at all costs this time, against this fraud and usurpation of will. They need to vote, rest assured that if we, the workers, the poor, the Kurds, the Turks, can come to an agreement on the construction of a democratic Turkey and a liberal Turkey, the people who rule this country are those who shout racism, conflict and war, but do nothing but corruption, cheating and haram. We can end the rule of force and oppression.”