Delegates are pleased with the referendum: Let it be an example for all parties

AMED - Delegates who voted in the ballot boxes established by the DEM Party in Amed stated that the referendum must be an example for all parties and expressed their satisfaction with the elections.
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) held referendums in many provinces and districts for the co-mayors that they will nominate. Ballot boxes were set up in 17 centers in Amed, 4 of which were in the central district. Since the candidates could not receive more than 50 percent of the votes in many of the districts, the elections went to the second round. Delegates evaluated the referendums. 
Çetin Karahan, one of the delegates who voted in Bismil district, said that the primary election held by the DEM Party was a first in Turkey. Emphasizing that this situation must be an example for other political parties, Karahan said: "This is what suits the DEM Party. It is also an opportunity for democracy. It was already the people's party, the people took one step forward in this primary election. I choose my candidate myself and this is an opportunity for democracy” 
Emphasizing that it is a very important step for the people to choose the candidates, Salih Eflatun said: "This is the basis of democracy. It is our party that did this. This election is sacred for us. From now on, we cannot criticize the center for the candidates, because we choose the candidates ourselves. This is what should happen."
Emphasizing that democracy must start from the local level, Hüseyin Çeçen said: "It does not matter who is elected. The important thing is to give a good answer to the trustees. We will do this too. We will send away the AKP and MHP in Kurdistan."
Stating that the Kurds have wanted peace for years, Ekrem Koçer said: "The Kurds have never bowed down. The more we fill these ballot boxes, the more we will break the pressure of the system. We will be the winners."