Referendum: Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm comes to life


NEWS CENTER - Delegates participating in the primaries in Sêrt and Êlih stated that the trustee practice was responded to with democracy. Mete Basmacı, one of the delegates, said: "Mr. Öcalan's democracy paradigm is being implemented and brought to life in many cities today."

The People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) held primary elections in 90 centers, including 11 provinces, to determine its candidates before the March 31 local elections. While in some cities the public will determine the candidates, in some cities there will be a second round of voting and in some cities a third round of voting will be held. In Sêrt, where the ballot box results were finalized, Safiye Alağaş and Mehmet Kaysi, and in Êlih, Gülistan Sönük and Mehdi Öztüzün were elected as municipal co-mayor candidates with the votes of the delegates.
In Êlih and Sêrt, the voting delegates evaluated the referendum.
Erkan Kumek, one of the delegates, stated that the primary election, which he considered as "an appropriate decision", was a strong response to the trustee policy and said: "We are now choosing our co-mayors ourselves." 
Emphasizing that primaries are important for the people to choose their own candidates, Fuat Yıldırım said: “People come here and vote with an understanding of democracy. What is important for us is that it is done in the name of democracy. Because the public's opinion, wishes and thoughts are important.”
Stating that they will win the municipalities by a large margin and that the trustees will be taught a lesson once again, Yıldırım said: “As they appoint trustees, we will vote more. We will never give up the fight. There is struggle in our creation. As an oppressed people, we only want our rights. The people elect the mayor because mayors represent the people. In other words, those appointed can never be representatives of the people.”
Underlining that the primary election held with the motto "We govern ourselves and our city" is important for democracy, Serdar Batur said: "Starting tomorrow, we will go door to door and make plans to send the trustees to where they come from. We will be working on this. We will bring democracy to Turkey. I hope this practice is reflected in all parties and all parties determine their candidates with their own base." 
Abdullah Ertan, who interpreted the DEM Party's primary election decision as a "clean policy", said: "This is actually what we call direct democracy. We have come to this day with the struggle, labor and prices of our people. It is a very beautiful thing. I hope that in the future processes, our people will make it vital to find themselves, embrace our social values as they deserve, and put them into practice. I believe it. The more we continue this and make it vital, the more we become an example to the world."  
DEM Party Amed Deputy Sevilay Çelenk, who followed the elections in Sêrt, said the following about the election: “This was a historical decision and turned into a historical experience. What emerges is promising. The Kurdish community has always had a leading role in taking the first steps towards democracy and democratic struggle. It happened again. Strong democracy is possible with strong local governments, and the fact that the local government organizes in this way and nominates its own candidates is something that increases that power."
Public interest in the two-day elections in Êlih was intense. Delegates who came to the polls early in the morning welcomed the results with enthusiasm. Bahoz Özsunal, one of the delegates, stated that the Kurds gave Türkiye and the world a lesson in democracy. Özsunal said: “People flocked here to contribute to democracy. The trustee practice is responded to with democracy. "His insistence on democracy is very important."
A young man named Bilal Toy underlined that they came to the ballot box to choose their will and said: “We came here to elect someone with a pioneering personality who will deserve our will. We came for a candidate who will protect our language and culture and meet the demands of this people. Young people are faced with drugs. Our suburbs are uninhabitable. Work needs to be carried out for this. It is necessary to be active in the fight against drugs. Because of all these, the primary election is very important." 
Stating that the primary elections are important for the unity of the Kurdish people, Hazar Demir said: “The person to be elected as the co-mayor should not be discriminatory and should be open to the people. Trustee is usurpation of will. We want this usurpation to end. It should not limit its struggle only to the municipality. The people must fight for their freedom." 
Stating that the intense participation of the people is a response to anti-democratic practices, Mete Basmacı continued as follows: “Our people revealed their attitude against the usurper trustee regime. Those who came here today are actually here to contribute to the struggle to ensure the physical freedom of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. Mr. Öcalan's democracy paradigm is being implemented in many cities today and is coming to life. This is very important. Democratic management style is being implemented. This decision is very important for the people to govern themselves.”
MA / Rukiye Adıgüzel – Fethi Balaman