Exciting office openings by DEM Party

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  • 18:20 20 February 2024
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NEWS CENTER - DEM Party held enthusiastic office openings in many cities and introduced the candidates to the public.
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) has accelerated its work within the scope of the March 31 local elections. DEM Party opened election offices in many centres today and met with the public.
DEM Party opened election offices in Elbak (Başle), Payîzava (Gürpınar) and Westan (Gevaş) districts of Wan. Many people, as well as co-chair candidates, attended the opening ceremony held in Elbak district. Co-Mayor candidates were welcomed by a large crowd at the entrance of the city. Then, they moved to the place where the party office would be opened. The crowd stood still and frequently chanted the slogan "Bijî berxwedana İmraliyê (Long Live resistance of Imralı)".
Wan Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor candidate Neslihan Şedal said: "We will end the special war policies in Kurdistan, especially the trustee policies."
Office openings were also held in Payîzava (Gürpınar) and Westan (Gevaş) districts. The office was opened in Payîzava by a large crowd. Many citizens attended the opening ceremony, where enthusiasm prevailed, wearing local clothes.
Wan Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor candidate Abdullah Zeydan pointed out the ongoing hunger strikes in prisons demanding the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan. Zeydan said: "They want the unlawful isolation on Mr. Ocalan to be abolished, his freedom to be ensured and the Kurdish issue to be solved. We want the government to fulfil the demands of our friends. What we need is peace. The people have seen a lot of pain, a lot of blood has been shed, mothers have suffered a lot. Enough is enough. Our people's need is not war or isolation. They need peace, negotiation, and the solution of the Kurdish issue through dialogue."
The crowd frequently chanted the slogan "Bijî berxedana zindanan" during Zeydan's speech.
DEM Party Serêkaniyê (Ceylanpınar) District Organization opened its first election office. DEM Party Mêrdîn Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor Candidate Ahmet Türk, Serêkaniyê Municipality Co-Mayor Candidates Rehşan Yazır and Uğur Kahraman, DEM Party Deputy Mithat Sancar, Mothers for Peace Council Members and many citizens attended the opening. While women took their place in the field with their national clothes and yellow-red-green pushies, young people unfurl a banner saying, "You are the one who makes it possible, thank you for your power."
The crowd marched from the district organization building to the area where the election office is located, chanting "Jin Jîyan Azadî". The opening ceremony, attended by thousands of people, started with the speech of DEM Party District Co-Mayor Hizni Kılıç. Co-Mayor Candidate Uğur Kahraman, said: “It is our duty to create a liveable city and put an end to rent. We will not give way to those who practice ethnic discrimination. We will manage our municipality together with women, students and youth. We will establish the people's municipality." 
DEM Party Riha Deputy Mithat Sancar, said: “We will win Serekaniyê. A strong will coming out of this will be a big step towards the democratic solution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey. It will be a struggle to bring peace and equality from here to the Middle East and from there to Rojava right next to us. A democratic nation, populist municipalism and equal governance await us. We will win together."
After the opening, the crowd danced halay for a long time accompanied by songs sung in Kurdish.
DEM Party opened its election office in Çermûg (Çermik) district of Amed. Çermûg Municipality co-Mayor candidates, Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-Mayor candidates and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Provincial Co-Mayor Mehmet Şirin Gürbüz attended the opening. Candidates who came to the election office with a convoy in the district were welcomed with shouts and applause. The slogan "Jin, Jîyan, Azadî" was chanted in the area where the halay dances were performed.
Speaking at the opening, DBP Provincial Co-Chair Mehmet Şirin Gürbüz drew attention to the situation of prisoners on hunger strike in prisons. Gürbüz said: “We will travel around Çermûg from village to village, street to street, take it from the hands of the thieves and give it to the people. We will add the people of Çermûg to the Freedom March and abolished the isolation imposed on Mr. Abdullah Ocalan."
DEM Party introduced the Co-Mayor candidates of Tilqebîn (Başverimli) Town Municipality in Şirnex's Silopiya district. Democratic Regions Party (DBP) and DEM Party Provincial Organization, DEM Party Şirnex Deputy Nevroz Uysal Aslan, Mothers for Peace Assembly, Free Women's Movement (Tevgerê Jinên Azad-TJA), DEM Party Şirnex Municipality Co-Mayor candidate Turan Saltan attended the public festival held in front of the town representation to introduce the municipality Co-mayor candidates. Silopiya Municipality Co-Mayor candidates Jîyan Ormanlı, Renas Onuk and hundreds of party members attended.
Tilqebîn Town Municipality Co-Mayor candidate Lezgin Kösen said: “The enthusiasm here gives us the energy necessary to succeed. We believe in our people. We will definitely win. Those who are supposed to serve the public for years are ignoring the gains of our people and selling the property of our municipality.”