Military operation in Gever

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  • 14:21 20 September 2023
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COLEMÊRG - A military operation was launched in the rural area where the plateaus and pastures of Gever's Tiloran'a Jêr and Tiloran'a Jor villages are located. The road to the plateaus was blocked by armored vehicles.
An operation was launched with the participation of a large number of soldiers in the rural area of Tiloran'a Jêr and Tiloran'a Jor villages in Colemêrg'(Hakkari)s Gever (Yüksekova) district. According to the information obtained, the bridge that provides access from both villages to Horê, Bere Sor and Conî springs was closed by soldiers with armored vehicles. The surroundings of the village were blockaded.
It was stated that hundreds of soldiers have been dispatched to the region with hedgehog-type armored vehicles since the morning, and that there has been unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) activity in the areas where Sipêrêz and Omerê mountains are located.
It was reported that the citizens who had sheep in Bere Sor Plateau were prevented from passing through, and the Berivans(women who milk sheep) returned to the village without milking their sheep.