Imprisonmen review wii be held tomorrow in Kobanê Case

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  • 16:50 16 April 2024
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ANKARA – DEM Party Legal Commission Co-Spokesperson Ozturk Turkdogan stated that there will be a detention review in the Kobanê Case tomorrow and said: "We will be there as if a decision will be made."

People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Legal Commission Co-Spokeperson Sevda Celik Ozbingol and Ozturk Turkdogan and lawyers held a press conference at the party's headquarters regarding the Kobanê Case. Case will be heard tomorrow in the courtroom on the Sincan Campus. People's Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Cahit Kırkazak, trial lawyers Sevin Kaya and Cigdem Kozan also attended the meeting.
Law Commission Co-Spokesperson Sevda Celik Ozbingol stated that the government's aim is "political design" through the Kobanê Case. Ozbingol said that the Kobanê Case, which has been going on for about 8 years and where 18 politicians are still imprisoned, has been instrumentalized and stated that their clients have been tried with almost all the articles of the Turkish Penal Code.
Ozbingol called for participation in the case in Sincan, where the hearing will be held tomorrow, and said: “Although many unlawful acts and victimizations have occurred so far in the ongoing trial from the Sincan campus; We will be there to announce, through you, our demand and call for a judicial process and the functioning of the law that will contribute to our justice and social peace."
HDP Co-Chair Cahit Kırkazak pointed out that with the Kobanê Case, the political activities of Kurd politics were made subject to trial. Kırkazak said: “All political activities of Kurd politics as a whole since 2009 have been subject to trial. That's why everyone actually knows that this case is a conspiracy. Everyone knows that this case is a liquidation case and everyone knows that this case serves to establish the authoritarian oppressive regime.
We appeal to every conscientious individual and citizen; Let us all embrace solidarity with the people of Kobanê, who protect the honor of the Kurds in Kobanê, eliminate the security problem for Turkey and the World, and protect women, children from the darkness of ISIS. We call on all democratic non-governmental organizations and the public to show solidarity with HDP members and Kurd politicians who are on trial in the Kobanî Case."
Law Commission Co-Spokesperson Ozturk Turkdogan stated that the court clerk sent them a message and told them that they needed time to make a decision and that the decision would not be made at the hearing tomorrow. Turkdogan continued: “Therefore, an imprisonmen review will be carried out at the hearing tomorrow. A review required by law. We have made all our preparations and we will continue to be there as if the decision will be made tomorrow. Our call to the public is still valid. Tomorrow at 10:00 am, we will make our statement there in front of the Sincan Campus Hearing Hall with our party, friendly institutions, components and the democratic public.
Our expectation is that our friends will be released tomorrow and Turkey will return to the path of the rule of law. Our expectation tomorrow is that all of our friends will be evacuated. In particular, we have some friends who have been violated by law stating that they cannot be detained for more than 7 years. Gultan Kısanak and Sebahat Tuncel are being held as political hostages, contrary to the law."

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