Medicines not given to ill prisoners

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  • 14:07 22 February 2024
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ŞIRNEX - Sıdıka Erden, mother of ill prisoner Fikret Erden, said that her son was not given his medicines.

Fikret Erden, who was arrested after being detained in the Cizîr (Cizre) district of Şirnex in 2018 and sentenced to 107 years for "disrupt the unity and territorial integrity of the state", said in a telephone conversation with his mother Sıdıka Erden that he was taken to the hospital in handcuffs, approximately 100 kilometres. Sıdıka Erden, mother of Erden, who is held in Kırıkkale High Security Type F Closed Prison, described the practices against ill prisoners as "cruelty".
Stating that the medicine prescribed for her son was not given to her at the hospital, mother Erden said: "My son says, 'Why don't you give me medicine?' They say, 'There is no medicine.' They take him to the hospital in handcuffs and bring him back in handcuffs. My son is already disabled, what happens if you handcuff him, what happens if you don't handcuff him? In our last phone conversation with my son, he told me that when he was taken to the hospital, they handcuffed him and then gave him bread and tomatoes. They give him bread to eat. But they do not open the handcuffs for him to eat. Do you have no conscience?" 
Mother Erden stated that the dresses they sent were delivered months later. Erden said: "When winter came, he asked for clothes. We sent him clothes, but they were not given for 3 months. We send summer clothes, but they gave them in winter. There are psychological attacks on our children. My son and his friend stay in the same room. He said that the prison only gave them a loaf of bread.”
Erden was detained during a conflict in 2018. Erden was seriously injured by the armored vehicle and many of his bones were broken. Erden was later arrested and sentenced to 107 years in prison for " disrupt the unity and territorial integrity of the state". Erden has platinum on his right arm.
During the earthquakes that occurred on February 6, 2023, centred in Mereş, some walls of Maraş Türkoğlu Type L Closed Prison collapsed and Erden was trapped under it. Erden's arm was broken once again. Erden was later transferred to Kırıkkale Type F High Security Closed Prison.

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