KNK Foreign Relations Spokesperson: KDP is committing crimes against Kurds

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  • 11:45 21 September 2023
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NEWS CENTER - KNK Foreign Relations Committee Spokesperson Nilüfer Koç condemned the attack on Hewlêr representatives and said: "KDP commits a crime against the Kurdish people every day it does not reveal the perpetrators."
Following the meetings held by Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in Iraq and the Federated Kurdistan Region, Turkey's attacks intensified. While KDP, in partnership with Turkey, offered all its support in the attacks against Zap, Metina and Avaşîn, it took the process to another stage by sending its military to Sîdekan and Biradost regions and taking a direct part in these attacks. While these developments were taking place in recent days, an armed attack took place against the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Hewlêr Representation in the city of Silêmanî, and KNK Hewlêr Representative Deniz Cevdet Bülbün lost his life in the attack.
Nilüfer Koç, Spokesperson of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Foreign Relations Committee, evaluated the developments in the Federated Kurdistan Region, the attitude of the KDP and the attack on the KNK representative building.
Stating that the concept of attack against the Federated Kurdistan Region gained momentum on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Koç said: "The AKP-MHP government aims to 'expand the borders'. The Turkish state has been eyeing Rojava and the Federated Kurdistan Region since 2012. It wants to include Rojava and Federated Kurdistan into the geography of Turkey. Against this, there is a great guerrilla resistance in Rojava, the South and Northern Kurdistan. After the election, Erdoğan realized that he had lost the Kurds. He started new searches to eliminate the Kurds who did not swear allegiance to him and formed a war cabinet for this purpose. And by putting a few Kurds in this cabinet, he gave the message that 'I have no problem with the Kurds'. He did this by sending Hakan Fidan to Baghdad."
Noting that Turkey is trying to provoke Iraq and Iran against the Kurds in order to get results from the war it is waging, Koç said:"Turkey aims to destroy the Kurds with these colonialist powers. Hakan Fidan's last contacts were in this manner. Erdogan wanted to have a trump card before going to the UN General Assembly. On the other hand, there is the reality of the KDP sacrificing Kurdistan for the interests of its own family. Before we lost our friend Deniz, KDP was making actual war preparations by making intensive shipments to the Bradost area. KDP is forcing the Kurds to put down their weapons in a place like the Middle East.It cooperates with the enemy for his own dirty interests. As a result, it strengthens the war ring and Erdogan's fascism."
Evaluating the recent attacks and assassinations in Sulaymaniyah, Koç said: "'patriotism' is strong in Sulaymaniyah. It is not a coincidence that political assassinations occur especially in this region. The strong sense of 'patriotism' among the people directs politics. The Turkish state needs a victory in the second century of the Republic. It could not achieve a victory against Leader Apo in İmralı. That's why there has been no news from İmralı for 30 months. This is related to the fact that it targets politicians with UAVs outside and directly targets the KNK, which believes that the solution to the Kurdish issue can be achieved through unity and makes its politics. At the Lausanne Conference, the Kurds rebelled with the spirit of national unity by giving the message to the colonial powers that 'you could not destroy us, we are here and we reject your Lausanne'. KNK's national unity work was also tried to be stopped with the murder of our Deniz friend."
Stating that KDP commits a crime against the Kurdish people every day that it does not reveal the perpetrators, Koç said: "The Kurds are facing a great danger. Attacks were carried out especially against those who sympathized with the PKK. The guerrilla wants to end the occupation of the Turkish state in Southern Kurdistan. While the guerrilla is doing this, the KDP is paving the way to bring the enemy to Kurdistan. While this picture is so clear, every patriot needs to say stop. KDP is complicit by aiding the Turkish state in the Kurdish genocide but the KDP should be fair and  listen to Kurds' voices."
MA / Esra Solin Dal

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