Perpetrator of İnan, who was killed by a police bullet, not been found for 18 years

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  • 11:19 21 September 2023
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WAN - The perpetrators of Fahrettin İnan, who lost his life as a result of fire opened by the police in Wan in 2005, were not found despite the passage of time. Lawyer Abdulbasit Doğruci said: "If the victim is Kurdish, the perpetrators are protected."
Fahrettin İnan lost his life as a result of shooting at the people marching at the funeral of HPG member Cafer İşnas (Rezan Van), who died on June 19, 2005 in Payîzava (Gürpınar) rural area of Wan. While not a single person has been prosecuted regarding the incident that has passed 18 years, the investigation file ended in non-prosecution. The lawyers' applications for crime scene discovery and collection of evidence yielded no results.
Bahattin Aslan, whose testimony was included in the reports prepared at the time of the incident, also stated that the police opened fire. Aslan said: "A commando captain was waving a baton towards the crowd. After the fire, one person died and six people were injured. I saw the dead and injured at the scene. While I was trying to lift the injured and take them to the hospital. I also received a bullet wound on the back of my shoulder. Around 01.30 at night, three people came to the hospital. The plainclothes police said something to the doctor and took me to the Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Command before my treatment was completed and before any documents were issued at the hospital. The police handed me over to a specialist sergeant with a report. About half an hour later, the specialist sergeant took me to another room. There was a police officer in the room. The sergeant major said, 'You will say that you were hit by the fire coming from left and right, the fire of the PKK'." 
Lawyer Abdulbasit Doğruci, who was MAZLUM-DER Wan Branch President in the year the events took place, said: “After Fahrettin İnan's death, I and a delegation met with the then Governor Niyazi Tanır. Later, after the murder of Fahrettin İnan, no investigation was opened. Now we learn that after 18 years, an investigation has not even been opened or has been opened and closed. It is not a legally acceptable situation, but this is how the practice in Turkey works."
Noting that if the victim of the incident is Kurdish, the perpetrators are protected, Doğruci said: "Impunity in political crimes continues almost as a rule and as a practice. This practice is not limited to the Fahrettin İnan case. Many cases that have become public knowledge are dropped due to prescription and are not completed or penalties are given to the perpetrators for show."
Stating that the judicial system is under the monopoly of politicians, Doğruci said: “The Sivas Massacre case has been dropped due to prescription. The Vartinis case seems to have the same result. The Kemal Kurkut case was also concluded in a showy manner. Tahir Elçi's murder took place in front of cameras, but Elçi's murderer has not been found to date. In this legal system, politics, not judges and courts, determines what justice is. This is not the case in other countries where the positivist legal system is implemented, but it works this way in Turkey. A legal system that prioritized fascist politics was adopted at the time and continues to this day. No one questions why judges have no authority? Everyone complains about the justice system, but no one demands it to change."
Stating that investigations are initiated and terminated quickly if the politicians in power so desire, Doğruci said: “An example is the Yasin Börü file because only one person died, 14 people were sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment. But more than 40 people died that same night. We do not know whether an investigation has been made regarding these, let alone the imposition of life imprisonment. There, that person had to be made a political flag. Politically, it was in the interest of the government and the state. Is Türkiye a state of law? Under these conditions, it is not possible to accept that Turkey is a state of law. The concept of justice should not change from government to government."
MA / Berivan Kutlu

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